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Technical Support Services

Technical Support Services

We offer businesses a budget-friendly way to maximize the value of their IT networks. We implement state of the art Information Technology to improve productivity for large, small, and medium sized enterprises. Our Computer Support was established to protect small to medium businesses from the assault of computer technology gone mad. Our consultants offer technological guidance to all those who seek it—anytime, anywhere.

Computer and Network support for Business:
We offer computer and network support for businesses of all sizes. We are specialists in most common desktop operating systems and business applications. We come to you, if you have one computer or hundreds.

We help enterprises deploy the latest information technology. Installation and administration of Windows 2003, Linux , Novell Netware, AIX, Solaris, and FreeBSD systems.

We can help you focus on your core business. Let us help you decide on the best systems to meet your business needs. From VoIP systems to software upgrades.

We understand the needs of a small business. Many hats to wear, and not enough hours in the day. With the deadlines looming, fixing computers is not in your business plan.

We are here to help, from small to large orginizations have employed our services over the years. If it's a quick QuickBooks setup, or a robust database server, to fixing the PC that does the payroll, We can do it!

We do Windows! Our technicians can troubleshoot any version of Microsoft Windows from 3.1 to XP Professional and 2003 Server.

As Microsoft Certified Professionals, we support all of Microsoft's products including:

Active Directory

BizTalk Server

MS-SQL Server

Microsoft Exchange

Internet Information Server

Content Management Server

Internet Security & Acceleration Server

Microsoft Operations Manager

SharePoint Portal Server

We support all of Microsoft's Windows operating systems:

Microsoft Windows 3.x

Microsoft Windows NT

Microsoft Windows 95

Microsoft Windows 98

Microsoft Windows ME

Microsoft Windows 2000

Microsoft Windows XP

We also support Microsoft desktop productivity applications

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Visio

Linux and UNIX services:
IBM, HP, Intel, Sun, and almost everyone in the industry has became aware of the power and flexibility that Linux provides.

Linux is unique in that its code is open source, meaning anyone can look at it and improve upon it. Large companies like Google, Amazon, and thousands of others around the world have been benefiting from Linux for years. They use it to run large servers and networks. Linux has found a place in many businesses who are tired of endless price hikes, upgrades, bug fixes and managing the many problems that Microsoft's software can bring.

Linux can be a low-cost alternative to proprietary operating systems like Microsoft Windows. It's emphasis on openness, collaborative development, stability and security have helped it grow in stature to a world-class secure OS.

Network Security support:

The increasing importance of the Internet and networking makes your business IT infrastructure more vunerable than ever before.

Hackers, script kiddies, viruses and worms are everyday facts that need to be taken into account in todays global communications enviroment.

We can help you protect your orginization's most vital asset: information.

We are specialists in network security. We configure firewalls, routers, and DMZ hosts for maximum "hardness" to prevent perimiter attacks.

We configure internal traffic monitors and proxies to mesure the flow of data into and out of your networks, logging who did what to a central log.

We can configure and deploy "honeypots" to trap and expose would-be crackers trying to gain access to your networks, allowing you to take mesures to stop them before they can exploit anything.

We are specialists in Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) to allow your network to automatically detect and block any malicious activity.

We offer world-class expertise and the tools that comes with it. Some of our services include:

Anti-Virus scanning of networks from a central console.

Backup service, on-site or off, with off-site tape rotation.

Customized application development for large accounts.

Deployment of managed software packages remotely.

Development of large scale Intranet and Internet sites.

Installation of LDAP Directory and Enterprise schemas.

Managed upgrades of critical business applications.

We can help you deploy any of the primary internet services:

DHCP, DNS, FTP, IPSec, Secure Web services via SSL, POP3, SMTP, IMAP, Virtual Private Networks, Proxy servers, Firewalls, and many more, on FreeBSD, Linux, and many flavors of UNIX.We can help you deploy any of the primary internet services:

For questions regarding services and pricing, please review the information below. Or call (831) 706-4642 and a technician

will work with you to determine your best option based on your situation, time requirements, location and budget.

Operating System Service — Including Virus and Spy ware Removal
If your PC is infected with viruses, infiltrated with spy ware, reacting sluggishly or if it has crashed — Our technician can

fix the damage to your operating system.

Wireless Networking :
Technicians will install and encrypt your wireless network so you can surf freely and keep the bad guys out.

Network Troubleshooting :
Network issues? A Our technician will root out the problem and get your system back in order.

Peripheral Setup :
A Technician will help you set up your printer, camera or scanner to ensure that it works properly with your PC.

Memory Install :
Speed up your PC, old or new, by upgrading your memory (RAM) to accommodate your computing needs.

Optical Drive Install :
An optical drive gives your PC tons more data backup and storage space for your projects.

Hard Drive Install :
Our techs install and configure a new hard drive that will have your PC running at peak performance.

I/O Card Install :
Pump up your gaming with a new graphics card. We’ll configure any internal card to your desktop.

Data Backup :
Our technician will make you a backup copy of all your important documents and files, just in case disaster strikes.

Data Transfer :
Move all of your data from your old computer to your new one. Or get your PC files onto your laptop.

Digital Music Training :
Enhance your digital music experience with professional training from a Our technician.

Digital Imaging (Photo) Training :
Learn how to spruce up your digital photos with professional training from a Our technician.

Digital Video Training :
Unlock the potential of your digital camcorder with professional training from a Our technician.

Diagnostic :
Let Technicians take a look at your misbehaving PC. They’ll root out the problem.

System Tune-Up :
Got some miles on your PC? Our technician will tweak your system and get it running at peak performance again.

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